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  1. The Impact of Air Pollution on Health, Agriculture and Technology"; ISBN:978-953-307-528-0-Full Chapter: Influence of the Air Engine on Global Warming Issues-21st Century Fuel Technology - by Bharat Raj Singh and Onkar Singh InTech Open Access Publisher, University Campus, STeP RiSlavka Krautzeka 83/A 51000 Rijeka, Croatia. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5772/16708
    Link for Book Chapter: http://www.intechopen.com/articles/show/title/influence-of-the-air-engine-on-global-warming-issues-21st-century-fuel-technology, Citation-1.
  2. Fossil Fuel and the Environment,  ISBN: 978-953-51-0277-9 Full Chapter:Global Trends of Fossil Fuel Reserves and Climate Change in the 21st Century-by Bharat Raj Singh and Onkar Singh InTech Open Access Publisher, University Campus, STeP RiSlavka Krautzeka 83/A 51000 Rijeka, Croatia. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5772/38655
    Link for Book Chapter: http://www.intechopen.com/articles/show/title/global-trends-of-fossil-fuel-reserves-and-climate-change-in-the-21st-century, Citation-19.
  3. Global Warming-Impacts and Future Perspective,  ISBN: 978-953-51-0755-2 Full Chapter: Study of Impacts of Global Warming on Climate Change: Rise in Sea Level and Disaster Frequency - by Bharat Raj Singh and Onkar Singh InTech Open Access Publisher, University Campus, STeP RiSlavka Krautzeka 83/A 51000 Rijeka, Croatia. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5772/50464
    Link for Book Chapter: http://www.intechopen.com/books/global-warming-impacts-and-future-perspectives/study-of-impacts-of-global-warming-on-climate-change-rise-in-sea-level-and-disaster-frequency, Citation-1.
  4. Can Glacier and Ice Melt Be Reversed, ISBN 978-0-7377-6826-8 (Hard Cover), ISBN 978-0-7377-6827-5 (Pbk.) Full Chapter: The Melting of Glaciers Cannot Be Reversed with Global Warming - by Bharat Raj Singh and Onkar Singh, Publisher : GALE Cengage Learning, 2014, pp.56-63.
  5. Global Warming-Causes, Impacts and Remedies, ISBN 978-953-51-2043-8, 218 pages, Publisher: InTech, Published April 22, 2015 under CC BY 3.0 license
    DOI: 10.5772/58506 Full Chapter: Study of Impacts on Continuous Shrinkage of Arctic Sea & Sea Level Rise Can Glaciers be Growing and Creating New Challenges to UK & USA?by Bharat Raj Singh and Onkar Singh.
    Link for Book Chapter: http://www.intechopen.com/books/global-warming-causes-impacts-and-remedies/study-of-impacts-on-continuous-shrinkage-of-arctic-sea-sea-level-rise-can-glaciers-be-growing-and-cr
  6. Global Warming-Causes, Impacts and Remedies, ISBN 978-953-51-2043-8, 218 pages, Publisher: InTech, Published April 22, 2015 under CC BY 3.0 license
    DOI: 10.5772/58506 Full Chapter: Dire Consequences on Little Shifting of the Earth’s Spinning Angle An Investigation Whether Polar Ice Shrinkage may be the Cause? by Bharat Raj Singh and Onkar Singh.
    Link for Book Chapter: http://www.intechopen.com/books/global-warming-causes-impacts-and-remedies/dire-consequences-on-little-shifting-of-the-earth-s-spinning-angle-an-investigation-whether-polar-ic
  7. Elements of Teaching Learning Process, ISBN 9789351072867, Publisher: Elsevier India , Full Chapter: Student Evaluation and Validation by Onkar Singh.
  8. Quality, Accreditation and Ranking, ISBN ISBN9789388630962, Publisher: Bloomsbury, India, 2019, Full Chapter : Quality Assurance and Governance in Indian Higher Education system by Onkar Singh, pp. 102-120.
  9. Advances in Thermofluids and Renewable Energy, , ISBN 978-981-16-3496-3, e-ISBN 978-981-16-3497-0, Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering, Publisher: Springer Singapore, 26 September 2021, DOI: 10.1007/978-981-16-3497-0 , Full Chapter : Thermodynamic Study for Performance Enhancement of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Cycle, by Amit Kanaujiya, Onkar Singh, Chapter 33. (In Press) .

    Popular Articles :

  1. Why Only Engineering Education in Present Perspective? in Higher Education Review Magazine September-2017 issue, https://www.thehighereducationreview.com/magazine/why-only-engineering-education-in-present-perspective-OYRR205610066.html
  2. Digital Learning in Higher Education: The Indian Perspective in Higher Education Review Magazine, October 2017, https://www.thehighereducationreview.com/magazine/digital-learning-in-higher-education-the-indian-perspective-NQHZ619177297.html
  3. Pedagogical Challenges for Technical Education in Digital Age in Higher Education Review Magazine, August 2016, https://www.thehighereducationreview.com/magazine/pedagogical-challenges-for-technical-education-in-digital-age-HXEI348052471.html
  4. Strengthening Primary and Secondary Education Will Strengthen Tertiary Education on HTCampus expert 27 Jan 2017, http://www.htcampus.com/article/strengthening-primary-and-secondary-education-will-strengthen-tertiary-education/
  5. देश के विकास और तकनीकि शिक्षा में सुधार को शिक्षा नीति में व्यापक परिवर्तन की जरुरतए , www.patrika.com, 29 Jan 2018
  6. Strengthening School Education through Educational Websites, Siliconindia magazine, January 2018
  7. Prof. Onkar Singh motivates the youth by sharing inspirational words to break down the barriers to success, 20th March 2018
  8. परीक्षाओं की घटती साख, देश की शिक्षा व्यवस्था पर प्रश्नचिन्हwww.patrika.com, 02 April 2018
  9. Supplementing Gaps in Technical Education through Game based Learning in Higher Education Review Magazine, April 2018 Special Issue,https://www.thehighereducationreview.com/magazine/supplementing-gaps-in-technical-education-through-game-based-learning-XXHO874665795.html
  10. Why higher technical education is becoming unpromising ? in Higher Education Review Magazine, June 2018 Special Issue,https://www.thehighereducationreview.com/magazine/why-higher-technical-education-is-becoming-unpromising-WYCA302137694.html
  11. Higher Technical Education: Driving for change in knowledge acquisition practices , www.newsnation.in, on 25th June 2018 http://www.newsnation.in/opinion/onkar-singh/higher-technical-education-driving-for-change-in-knowledge-acquisition-practices-article-197711.html
  12. Breach of academic integrity endangering education in India , www.newsnation.in, on 28th June 2018 http://www.newsnation.in/opinion/onkar-singh/breach-of-academic-integrity-endangering-education-in-india-article-197819.html
  13. Will replacing UGC with Higher Education Commission of India act as panacea for higher education? , www.newsnation.in, on 29th June 2018
  14. Credibility crisis of examination evaluation system in secondary education: An opportunity for revamping, www.newsnation.in, on 02nd July 2018 http://www.newsnation.in/opinion/onkar-singh/credibility-crisis-of-examination-evaluation-system-in-secondary-education-an-opportunity-for-revamping-article-197990.html
  15. The call of the wise: Building worthwhile places of learning, www.newsnation.in, on 12th July 2018 http://www.newsnation.in/opinion/onkar-singh/the-call-of-the-wise-building-worthwhile-places-of-learning-article-198423.html
  16. The vicious loop in marketing higher technical education, www.newsnation.in, on 22nd July 2018 http://www.newsnation.in/opinion/onkar-singh/higher-technical-education-need-to-device-mechanism-to-access-the-vicious-loop-article-198973.html
  17. Reasoning vacant seats in professional courses in India, www.newsnation.in, on 30th July 2018 http://www.newsnation.in/opinion/onkar-singh/reasoning-vacant-seats-in-professional-courses-in-india-article-199498.html
  18. Strengthening Higher Education by Reforming Institutional Governance, www.eduvoice.in, on 31st July 2018 http://www.eduvoice.in/2018/07/31/strengthening-higher-education-by-reforming-institutional-governance/
  19. Arresting the mortal sin of academic dishonesty in higher learning, www.newsnation.in, on 30th July 2018 http://www.newsnation.in/opinion/onkar-singh/reasoning-vacant-seats-in-professional-courses-in-india-article-199498.html
  20. Technical Education: Professional deficiencies and changing choices, www.newsnation.in, on 28th August 2018 http://www.newsnation.in/opinion/onkar-singh/technical-courses-in-india-admission-process-in-undergraduate-engineering-courses-and-changing-choices-higher-studies-article-201547.html
  21. Parallel education system of coaching plods quality improvement, www.newsnation.in, on 12th September 2018 http://www.newsnation.in/opinion/onkar-singh/higher-studies-in-india-parallel-education-system-of-coaching-plods-quality-improvement-article-202665.html
  22. A closer look at global ranking of higher education institutions worldwide, www.newsnation.in, on 29th September 2018 https://www.newsnation.in/opinion/onkar-singh/times-higher-education-world-university-ranking-2019-in-indian-context-article-204009.html
  23. Reasons behind increasing propensity of unrest in higher education institutions, www.newsnation.in, on 12th October 2018 https://www.newsnation.in/opinion/onkar-singh/reasons-behind-increasing-propensity-of-unrest-in-higher-education-institutions-article-204894.html
  24. Look before you leap into higher learning destinations, www.newsnation.in, on 29th October 2018 https://www.newsnation.in/opinion/onkar-singh/look-before-you-leap-into-higher-learning-destinations-article-205946.html
  25. How uncertainty facing temporary teachers is endangering higher education, www.newsnation.in, on 19th November 2018 https://www.newsnation.in/opinion/onkar-singh/how-uncertainty-facing-temporary-teachers-is-endangering-higher-education-article-207351.html
  26. Too many changes in regulations may corrode institutes of higher learning, www.newsnation.in, on 04th December 2018 https://www.newsnation.in/opinion/onkar-singh/higher-education-institutions-in-india-lack-quality-produce-too-many-changes-in-the-education-system-may-corrode-institutions-article-208370.html
  27. Assessment and accreditation-the new buzzword in higher education, www.newsnation.in, on 24th December 2018 https://www.newsnation.in/opinion/onkar-singh/higher-studies-in-india-assessment-and-accreditation-the-new-buzzword-in-education-article-209721.html
  28. Shadow education through supplementary tutoring stunting secondary, higher secondary schooling, www.newsnation.in, on 12th January 2019 https://www.newsnation.in/opinion/onkar-singh/shadow-education-through-supplementary-tutoring-stunting-secondary-education-article-211246.html
  29. तार्किक और वैज्ञानिक कसौटी पर खरी उतरने वाली शिक्षा से ही बचेगा लोकतंत्र और होगा देश का समुचित विकास www.patrika.com, 09 March 2019
  30. Why higher education institutions should help students achieve UN’s Millennium Development Goals, www.newsnation.in, on 2nd April 2019 https://www.newsnation.in/opinion/onkar-singh/higher-education-institutions-students-un-millennium-development-goals-united-nations-colleges-schools-article-219230.html
  31. Quality Assurance in Higher Education All Statistics you Should know , www.eduvoice.in, on 3rd May 2019, http://www.eduvoice.in/2019/05/03/quality-assurance-in-higher-education-all-statistics-you-should-know/
  32. Exceptional competency or marks inflation at the secondary levelwww.newsnation.in, on 8th May 2019 https://www.newsnation.in/opinion/onkar-singh/exceptional-competency-or-marks-inflation-at-the-secondary-level-education-in-india-article-223382.html
  33. A Perspective On Higher Education In Indiapridemedia.co.in, March-April 2019 Teacher’s Pride magazine
  34. Perspective on accreditation of HEIs by single vs. multiple accrediting bodies www.newsnation.in,, on 1st August 2019 https://www.newsnation.in/opinion/onkar-singh/perspective-on-accreditation-of-heis-by-single-vs-multiple-accrediting-bodies-article-232696.html
  35. Strengthen the higher education system for innovationswww.newsnation.in, on 27th August 2019 https://www.newsnation.in/opinion/onkar-singh/strengthen-the-higher-education-system-for-innovations-article-235588.html
  36. Alarm for Indian education system: The coaching concept, , www.eduvoice.in, on 09th October 2019 https://eduvoice.in/coaching-institutes-effects-formal-education/
  37. कोचिंग संस्थानों का बढता मायाजाल, षिक्षा की गुणवत्ता को कर रहा कमजोरwww.patrika.com, on 24th October 2019 https://www.patrika.com/varanasi-news/coaching-institutes-weakening-quality-of-education-said-pr-onkar-singh-5269016/
  38. A Perspective on Ranking in Higher Education ,www.eduvoice.in, on 05th December 2019 https://eduvoice.in/perspective-on-ranking-in-higher-education/
  39. Tempest In The Halls Of Ivy / All about student movements www.eduvoice.in, on 25th January 2020 https://eduvoice.in/tempest-in-the-halls-of-ivy/ https://eduvoice.in/all-about-student-movements/
  40. Higher Education Institutions captivating high achievers as teachers ,www.eduvoice.in, on 13th February 2020 https://eduvoice.in/higher-education-institutions-captivating-high-achievers-as-teachers/
  41. Why Do Indians Seek Education Abroad?, ,www.eduvoice.in,, on 16th March 2020 https://eduvoice.in/why-do-indians-seek-education-abroad/
  42. कोविड-19 से समाज में वैज्ञानिक स्वभाव के प्रादुर्भाव की संभावना, , http://bhadainimirror.com, , on 27th March 2020 http://bhadainimirror.com/?p=2572
  43. How Should Teachers, Academics Handle ‘Disruption’ During Corona?, , www.thequint.com, on 31st March 2020 https://www.thequint.com/news/education/india-coronavirus-cases-covid-19-modi-government-educational-institutions-academics
  44. Digital Divide: A Deterrent In Online Education ,www.eduvoice.in,, on 10th April 2020 2020 https://eduvoice.in/digital-divide-a-deterrent-in-online-education/
  45. Why Academics Should Not Panic For Online Education In This Pandemic? , www.eduvoice.in, on 28th April 2020 https://eduvoice.in/why-academics-should-not-panic-for-online-education-in-this-pandemic/
  46. Reform Examinations to Promote Deeper Learning , www.therise.co.in,on 26th May 2020 https://therise.co.in/1375/reforms-to-promote-deeper-learning/
  47. Virtualization of Higher Education ,www.ifp.co.in, on 29th May 2020 https://www.ifp.co.in/virtualization-of-higher-education
  48. Don’t Compromise on Quality Education While Formulating Contingency Plans , www.therise.co.in,, on 01st June 2020 https://therise.co.in/1495/do-not-compromise-on-quality-education/
  49. High Time For Academics To Prepare For Unlocking In New Normal , "www.eduvoice.in, on 8th June 2020 2019 https://eduvoice.in/high-time-for-academics-to-prepare-for-unlocking-in-new-normal/
  50. Fact check of internet for online education in soi-disant Digital India, , www.ifp.co.in,, on 17th June 2020 https://www.ifp.co.in/fact-check-of-internet-for-online-education-in-soi-disant-digital-india
  51. Digital Devices And Education In The New Normal , www.eduvoice.in,, on 14th July 2020 https://eduvoice.in/digital-devices-and-education-in-the-new-normal/
  52. Do cent percent marks evince cent percent learning? – A Vantage point, , www.therise.co.in , on 14th July 2020 https://therise.co.in/2369/do-cent-percent-marks-evince-cent-percent-learning-a-vantage-point/
  53. Indian Technical Education On The Decline: What Led To This Mess?, , www.thequint.com,, on 03rd August 2020 https://www.thequint.com/voices/opinion/india-technical-education-institutes-decline-intake-number-of-institutes-students-interest-corrective-measures
  54. How easy will it be to transform school education by NEP-2020? , www.ifp.co.in,, on 30th August 2020 https://ifp.co.in/how-easy-will-it-be-to-transform-school-education-by-nep-2020
  55. Peeping into Miseries of Teachers ,www.therise.co.in,, on 5th September 2020 https://therise.co.in/4266/peeping-into-miseries-of-teachers
  56. How difficult is the road ahead for higher education under NEP-2020? , www.ifp.co.in,, on 6th September 2020 https://ifp.co.in/how-difficult-is-the-road-ahead-for-higher-education-under-nep-2020
  57. Insights on how to reinvigorate school education in rural India, , www.ifp.co.in,, on 21st September 2020 https://www.ifp.co.in/insights-on-how-to-reinvigorate-school-education-in-rural-india
  58. Work-life balance of teachers in digital learning environment , www.therise.co.in,, on 8th October 2020 https://therise.co.in/4538/work-life-balance-of-teachers/
  59. Should higher education be opened now? , www.therise.co.in,,on 11th November 2020 https://therise.co.in/5507/why-should-higher-education-be-not-opened-completely
  60. Contractual teaching plaguing higher education in India , www.ifp.co.in,,on 14th November 2020 https://www.ifp.co.in/contractual-teaching-plaguing-higher-education-in-india
  61. How Feasible is Imparting Engineering Education in Vernacular Languages? , www.therise.co.in , on 6th December 2020 https://therise.co.in/5736/engineering-education-in-regional-language/
  62. . Is higher technical education in India losing sheen , www.ifp.co.in,, onon 8th December 2020 hhttps://ifp.co.in/is-higher-technical-education-in-india-losing-sheen
  63. 2020: A Year of Shambolic Education Burdening Learners, , www.therise.co.in,, on 31st December 2020 https://therise.co.in/5864/a-year-of-shambolic-education-burdening-learners/
  64. Is upending teacher eligibility qualifications the panacea for higher education?, , www.ifp.co.in, on 2nd January 2021 https://ifp.co.in/is-upending-teacher-eligibility-qualifications-the-panacea-for-higher-education
  65. How to reach the milestones set in the new education policy framework ,www.ifp.co.in,, on 30th January 2021 https://ifp.co.in/5290/how-to-reach-the-milestones-set-in-the-new-education-policy-framework
  66. Another Sci-Tech Policy in the Offing! ,www.therise.co.in,on 31st January 2021 https://therise.co.in/6040/another-science-and-technology-policy-in-the-offing/
  67. Rhetoric of common syllabus in universities may diminish possibility of achieving excellence, , www.ifp.co.in,, on 12th February 2021 https://ifp.co.in/5571/rhetoric-of-common-syllabus-in-universities-may-diminish-possibility-of-achieving-excellence
  68. Outsourcing teachers: A new paradigm in higher education-Gurus Being Outsourced in ‘Vishwaguru’ India, , www.therise.co.in,, on 08th March 2021 https://therise.co.in/6149/outsourcing-teachers-in-higher-education/
  69. RHow feasible is Engineering Education without Physics and Mathematics , www.ifp.co.in,,on 19th March 2021 https://www.ifp.co.in/6156/how-feasible-is-engineering-education-without-physics-and-mathematics
  70. How institutions can evolve to overcome learning gaps in online education in time of COVID-19 , www.ifp.co.in,, on 11th April 2021 hhttps://ifp.co.in/6628/how-institutions-can-evolve-to-overcome-learning-gaps-in-online-education-in-time-of-covid-19
  71. Disruptions call for remodeling examinations and evaluation strategies amid COVID-19, , www.ifp.co.in,, on 29th April 2021 https://www.ifp.co.in/7024/disruptions-call-for-remodeling-examinations-and-evaluation-strategies-amid-covid-19
  72. Loosing sheen of Guru Devo Bhava: An Introspection, ,www.therise.co.in,, , on 30th April 2021 2021 https://therise.co.in/6816/loosing-sheen-of-gurus/
  73. Education in Times of COVID: Shun End of Course Final Examinations, , www.ifp.co.in, , on 24th May 2021 https://www.ifp.co.in/7452/education-in-times-of-covid-shun-end-of-course-final-examinations
  74. Calibrate education in Corona aftermath , www.therise.co.in,, on 01st June 2021 https://therise.co.in/7208/calibrate-education-in-corona-aftermath/
  75. Scrapping of class 12 exams calls for onerous responsibility of redrafting evaluation strategy ,www.ifp.co.in,, on 02nd June 2021 https://www.ifp.co.in/7669/scrapping-of-class-12-exams-calls-for-onerous-responsibility-of-redrafting-evaluation-strategy
  76. Exam Hesitancy: Drawbacks in e-learning seem to have shaken confidence of students for undertaking exams, , www.ifp.co.in,,on 22nd June 2021 https://www.ifp.co.in/8039/exam-hesitancy-drawbacks-in-e-learning-seem-to-have-shaken-confidence-of-students-for-undertaking-exams
  77. Blended Learning in Indian Higher Education: How Feasible is it?, , , www.therise.co.in,, on 30th June 2021 https://therise.co.in/7738/blended-learning-in-higher-education/
  78. Remodelling of class 10, 12 assessment calls for utmost care , www.ifp.co.in, on 09th July 2021, https://www.ifp.co.in/8359/remodelling-of-class-10-12-assessment-calls-for-utmost-care
  79. Anniversary of NEP 2020: Education needs intensive care, , www.therise.co.in, , on 29th July 2021 https://therise.co.in/8175/anniversary-of-nep-2020/
  80. Why students are steering away from engineering education in India? , www.ifp.co.in,, on 01st August 2021, https://www.ifp.co.in/8810/why-students-are-steering-away-from-engineering-education-in-india
  81. Why India seeks higher education in public sector and school education in private sector? , www.ifp.co.in,on 25th August 2021, https://www.ifp.co.in/9339/why-india-seeks-higher-education-in-public-sector-and-school-education-in-private-sector
  82. REducation system in vicious trap of insufficiency and amotivation of teachers in India, , www.ifp.co.in,, on 12th September 2021, https://www.ifp.co.in/9700/education-system-in-vicious-trap-of-insufficiency-and-amotivation-of-teachers-in-india
  83. The Great Indian Distressful Examinations: An Introspection, , www.therise.co.in,, on 24th September 2021 , https://therise.co.in/8944/indian-distressful-examinations-introspection/
  84. Test Culture in India: Boon or Bane, , www.ifp.co.in,, on 09th October 2021, https://ifp.co.in/10248/test-culture-in-india-boon-or-bane
  85. Equitable and Accessible Education in COVID-hit India: A Mirage?, ,www.therise.co.in,, on 21st October 2021 https://therise.co.in/9168/supreme-court-on-access-to-education/
  86. Equitable and Accessible Education in COVID-hit India: A Mirage?, , www.therise.co.in, ,, on 21st October 2021, https://therise.co.in/9168/supreme-court-on-access-to-education/
  87. Dissecting selection of leadership in higher education institutions, , , www.ifp.co.in, on 26th October 2021, https://www.ifp.co.in/10575/dissecting-selection-of-leadership-in-higher-education-institutions
  88. Human vulnerability to climate change needs resilient systems, , www.ifp.co.in,, on 13th November 2021, https://ifp.co.in/10905/human-vulnerability-to-climate-change-needs-resilient-systems

    Invited Talks and Panel Discussions :

  1. Key note speaker in National Conference on Recent Advances in Mechanical Engineering (RAME-2007), BRACAET, Etawah, March 28,2007.
  2. Invited talk on"A review of carbon capture and storage technologies",National Conference on Emerging Trends in Mechanical Engineering (ETME-2009), October 13, 2009, Gorakhpur, India
  3. Invited talk on "Review of use of compressed air for vehicles", National Conference on Emerging Trends in Mechanical Engineering (ETME-2011), September 17,2011, Agra, India
  4. Invited talk on "Energy and environment sustainability in Indian perspective", National Seminar on Green Technologies for Sustainable Development, April 18,2012, Radha Govind Group of Institutions, Meerut.
  5. Invited talk on "Effective teaching methods at higher education level for engineering", One Day Workshop on Effective Teaching and Teaching Methodology, July 22,2012,Eshan College of Engineering, Mathura, India.
  6. Invited talk on "Challenges and Strategies for Universal Access to Energy", All India Seminar on Sources of Planet Energy, Environment & Disaster Science: Challenges and Strategies (SPEEDS-2013), September 8,2013, Organized by The Institution of Engineers(India),U.P.Centre,Lucknow & SMS, Lucknow
  7. Invited talk on "Challenges and Strategies in Engineering Education in Knowledge era", 90th Annual Meeting of the Association of Indian Universities, Sardar Patel University, Vallabh Vidyanagar, Gujarat February 6, 2016.
  8. Invited talk on "Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation in Higher Education" in National Workshop on Examination Reforms in Higher Education organized by Association of Indian Universities and Suresh Gyan Vihar University, Jaipur, Rajasthan on August 12, 2016,
  9. Invited talk on "Integrated Role of Industry and Academic Institutions in Bridging Skill Gap" in the National conference on "Skill Development in a Changing Scenario" on 22nd October 2016, organized by Abhyudaya Sahodaya Schools at Raipur, October 21-23, 2016.
  10. Panelist in the Panel discussion on "Skill Development, University-Industry Interaction to Boost Employability: What Role Does Technology Play?" in the Higher Education Technology Conference organized by EdTechReview (http://events.edtechreview.in/higher-education/2017/) on 10th March 2017, Vivanta by Taj, MG Road, Bangalore.
  11. Guest speaker on "Challenges to Democracy" in one day Conference on Future of Democracy organized by Progressive Council on 28th April 2018, Vivanta by Taj, Lucknow.
  12. Key note address on "Role of Technology in Community Development and Women’s Participation" in National Conference on Recent Engineering Trends in Community Development and Women's Participation (ETCDWP-2018) held during 27-29th April, 2018 organized by Computer Society of India and Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women's University, Jaipur, Rajasthan on April 29, 2018.
  13. Guest of honour and key note speaker on "Sustainability initiatives in educational institutions", All India Seminar on Sources of Planet Energy, Environment, Disaster Science, Chellenges and Strategies, SPEEDS-2019, organized by The Institution of Engineers (India), U.P. State Centre Lucknow; Council of Science & Technology U.P. and SMS Lucknow on February 08, 2020.
  14. Invited talk on "Sustainability in climate change" in the All India Seminar on Sustainable Energy Technologies organized by The Institution of Engineers (India) Kanpur Chapter, IIT Kanpur on 09th February 2020.
  15. Key note address as Chief Guest on "National Education Policy 2020"in the Seminar on New Education Policy 2020 organized by Baba Saheb B R Ambedkar College of Agriculture Engg. And Technology, Etawah on 27th November 2020.
  16. Invited talk as Special Guest in one day National Webinar on "National Education Policy 2020-Research and Infinite possibilities of Innovation" organized by Magadh University, Gaya, Bihar held on 15th April 2021.